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Cobra Kai: Season 4 Plot Predictions

The Karate Kid legacy continues… Cobra Kai returned on Netflix as a New Year treat, and I’m not ashamed to admit, like so many of us I binged it all in one day. What else are we going to do in Tier 4 lockdown? Now, don’t get me wrong the show is cheesy as hell. The typical rival gangs, American humour, the dramatic fighting and don’t get me started on the awkward one-liners and the whole bad sensei/good sensei. But what it does offer is a sense of nostalgia and it’s a show that has grown on me throughout its three seasons. Plus, it has the added benefit of being an easy watch, which is a break from all of the intense dramas and hard-hitting true crime series out there.


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Season three is the best so far. We witness Miguel’s recovery, Samantha overcoming her fears, Robbie joining Cobra Kai, Johnny opening his own dojo, friendships restored, Larusso visting Okinawa, and we get an insight into John Kreese’s past in Vietnam. We are treated to appearances from familiar faces from the original films including Ally (Elizabeth Shue), Kumiko (Tamlyn Tomita), and Chozen (Yuji Okumoto), all of whom have aged incredibly by the way. I’ll have what they’re having please!

The grand finale ended in true style, with Daniel and Johnny teaming up against Kreese following an attack by Cobra Kai on Miyagi-do and the new ‘Eagle Fang’. So, with all this in mind, what would Season 4 have in store for us?

1. The All-Valley Tournament returns once more

The All-Valley tournament was inevitable, and it seems the bad blood between the three dojos will finally come to a climax. The likelihood is that Samantha will represent Miyagi-do and Daniel, Miguel will of course represent Eagle Fang and Johnny, and Robbie, Johnny’s son, is Kreese’s new contender to represent Cobra Kai. Let’s not forget about our secondary characters like Hawk, Tory, and Demetri who will no doubt take part. Tory and Samantha’s rivalry, as well as Miguel and Robbie’s have been a recurring theme throughout the seasons, we’ll definitely see more fight scenes from them. Which dojo will come out on top?

2. Johnny Lawrence and Daniel Larusso’s new bromance

Once enemies, now friends. The show was always headed this way, and it seems with the help of Samantha, Miguel, and Ally, Johnny and Daniel have finally put their tape measures aside and joined forces to fight a bigger evil in John Kreese. We’ll get to see the banter between the two, their different fighting and leadership styles, and if their newfound ‘friendship’ (if we can call it that!), will last post-tournament. What we can expect though, are more funny moments between the two as they attempt to train side-by-side.

3. New romances and rekindled love

There’s nothing more off-putting then watching the angst and agony of teenage romances, but here we are! The love triangle between Johnny, Daniel and Ally is what fuelled their rivalry in the first place and the theme is consistent in Cobra Kai. Samantha and Miguel’s relationship seems back on the cards, and no doubt Robbie and Tory will grow closer as they train for the tournament. We may even get to see poor Demetri find love with the ‘popular girl’, Yasmine. Johnny was even about to say he loves Miguel’s Mom - Carmen, but didn’t get the chance. I wonder if they’ll get together, or Miguel’s participation in the tournament will cause friction sending him into the arms of Ally (if Elisabeth Shue returns…). Who knows?

4. Kreese’s old pal, Terry Silver?

This season finally gave us a glimpse into Kreese’s past and what really went down in Vietnam. We see that he fell in love, and that his girlfriend must have died (I’m sure we’ll see his reaction to this in the new season), and the origins of where ‘No Mercy’ and Cobra Kai came from, the capture of his men during the war and his hard-headed Captain who he kills by throwing him into a Cobra snake pit. The last episode sees Kreese call in a favour from an old friend, as he said ‘he owes him’ for saving his life. My guess is this is Terry Silver. What Silver’s involvement will be is unclear, but it won’t be good for Miyagi-do.

5. Johnny and Robbie’s father-son relationship

Things haven’t been great with Robbie and Johnny from the get-go and we’ve seen how estranged their relationship has become since Robbie went away to juvie. We’ve seen Johnny struggle to connect with his son, and last season saw Daniel take in Robbie himself, but he lost his trust when he handed Robbie over to the cops. The jealousy between Miguel and Johnny’s connection in comparison to Johnny’s relationship with his son will surely get to Robbie, fuelling his anger which Kreese will make good use of.

When is Season 4 coming out?

Filming for the new season will most likely get underway early this year and will most likely return in January 2022. However, with Coronavirus filming restrictions, this may come at a later date.


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